High-quality business sciences research

Our goal is to advance the global body of knowledge in business studies and economics through influential research. Our research is high-quality and multi-disciplinary with focus on critical societal issues.

High-level scientific expertise is requirement for outstanding multi-disciplinary research, so we recruit academic personnel and visiting professors with exceptional skills in research and teaching. Our Tenure track makes this possible.

We ensure our connections to society by appointing Professors of Practice and Executives in Residence with deep professional knowledge as well as close ties to the society. We also organize Knowledge Sharing Breakfast events that offer fresh information and inspiring discussions for business management, decision makers and influencers.

Research focus areas

  • Microeconomics
  • Behavioral finance and financial markets
  • Management systems and decision making
  • Strategic management in the global context
  • Customer behavior
  • New business creation: entrepreneurship, new business models, and the service economy

Research publications


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